Facility for visitors

We offer those products and services in Sweden Pavilion, Qingdao Expo 2014: 

1. Exhibiton

1398 m2 area for both indoor and outdoor exhibition. The 100 m2 exhibition hall is concise and economic for companies and city municipals to present themselves. Targeted Shandong, there are exclusive designs of Expo Package to participate not only in Sweden Garden, but also professional international exposition during 2014. This economic wise design makes it possible to make best use of exhibits what's more, bring abundant chances of business!

For each company who holds exhibition and presentation in Swedish Garden. The brand name will be carved on the outside fasad of Swedish pavilion for further branding promotion. The earlier confirmation of participation, the better location your name is!

2. Meeting within 60 people

We have a meeting room in upper floor of Sweden Pavilion. The capacity is about 60 people. It is a good chance to hold meeting for internal meeting, study training and academic discussion. 

3. Press Conference

The meeting room is also good for press conference. We can arrange for press conference for different announcement, ceremony, contract signing, event starting, memorial, and other activities.

4. Government and business match making conference

For those searching chances to meet Chinese companies and Government, we can arrange meeting for different industry, different level and different proposes.

5. Advertisement and promotion on offline media

For those looking for marketing promotion, we offer offline media including leaflet, brochure, and video flash, multi-media promotion.

6. Advertisement and promotion on online media

For those looking for marketing promotion, we offer also online media including website advertise position and promotion pages in www.expo2014.se.

7. Theme activities in Sweden Garden

During 6 months, you can hold different theme activities in Sweden Garden. Government, organizations, companies and academics can get chance to reach 1.2 million people and various media exposure.

8. Guided tours for delegation visit and VIP visitors

We provide tour guide service for delegations and VIP visitors in the Sweden garden as well as inside the pavilion building. Official languages in Swedish, English, German and Chinese, while other languages can also be arranged by informing us in time. Read more at http://www.expotour.eu

9. Food and Drink including lunch menu, dinner menu, coffee break, soft drink, and special dishes

We serve western food and Chinese food as well as coffee break in Sweden Pavilion. You can choose different menu with different special offer.

10. Press report about activities and event

Media exposure is a big offer in Sweden Pavilion. We have wide contact with both local press and national media.

11.Public relation Service

Public relation service is to arrange specific meeting with particular companies, investors, government officials and celebrities regarding to partner searching, market entrance, development strategy, branding and endorsement.