Swedish Garden locates in the International Garden, close to Gate 3 and 4 in the Expo 2014 Area. Site number for Swedish pavilion is: P-02-06.

The Swedish pavilion is located on a small hill, which makes the Swedish pavilion more visible. From Gate 5, visitors can see Swedish pavilion clearly with its three big TV screens.


1398 m2 in total, which is the standard size based on horticulture expo regulations.

Based on the regulations from Expo Committee, each Garden should keep at least 70% area for garden, and buildings can not be higher than 9 meters. All participants are facing the same challange and try to present the best of their country/region during the 6-month expo time.


YES International Group manages the Swedish Garden project under the supervision of County Administrative Board of Västmanland.

·Key words

Ecology, Energy, Innovation, Technology, Sustainable development and Life quality.



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