Swedish Garden Concept

What has snow-cover Sweden to do with Horticulture? Ask the polarbear...

Sweden doesn't seem to be a nation of gardening, many people think Sweden is cold, dark and with very long winter. But actually Swedish summer picture is very vivid. Summer and Winter contract is the base of the Swedish culture and the Swedish way of living and thinking. Therefore we want to present a Swedish garden, with flowers and the Swedish way of living.

The Swedish scientist, Carl von Linnaeus, has been ranked as the most influencial person through history world-wide. Inspired by the Garden of Linné in Uppsala, after almost a year of inspection, design and creation, YES International Group manages a complex and unique design. Slightly modified the original Linnaeus Garden plan into the Chinese character “瑞” (pronouced as RUI), which means harmony and is also the first part of the Chinese workd for Sweden!

Amazing! This is first time in history a nation’s name in Chinese become landscape and architecture. A revolutionary creation to illustrate how intercultural communication can be done among different culture.

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