Swedish Pavilion 2012

Grow and sandellsandberg took on the joint assignment to design, build and bring an exhibition about Sweden to life. A small team of experts within architecture, design and brand building developed a concept, the construction and an exhibit, in record time, for one of the strongest brands alive: Sweden.

On May 12th, the doors were opened to the public, and when the exhibition closes on August 12th, we will have had the pleasure of opening Sweden to about 450-500 000 visitors, along with a royal visit from the Swedish majesty the King and Queen, ministers of trade and defense as well as countless of online supporters.

The exhibition theme is Open Sweden. In Korea we open Sweden for the Korean public – explaining who we are, where we live and what we do. Open Sweden is a continuation of the theme “Spirit of Innovation.” Openness is the very foundation for why Sweden is top ranked in innovation and in Korea we showcase numerous examples of this under the creative concept of, “How Swedish Are You?”

The government decided on the participation in the World Expo and the assignment to make it happen was given to us by the Swedish Trade Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other business partners within this project are Ericsson, Volvo, SAAB, Autoliv and Carl Bennet industry group.

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