Why Shall Sweden Participate?


Expo is an unique opportunity for a country to make intensive marketing. Chinese people in Qingdao or Shandong know so little about Sweden, and this is a chance to market Sweden to millions of visitors, and through mass media.

Expo is a good way to let Swedish cities and companies to discover 100-million province Shandong. Networking with Shandong and the Chinese market, there are 23 Industry Fields, 800 thousand companies registered in Shandong. Our goal is to help our partner to generate business before, during and after the EXPO.

After the six-month expo period, we will try to re-install the Swedish Pavilion and Swedish Garden to a city in Shandong. Re-use the pavilion as a symbol for even bigger projects, this will be another success case of the Swedish and Chinese Co-operation--- you are part of it and you will be pround of being it!



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