S-M-L Model

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Swedish Garden of EXPO 2014 is going to hold in Qingdao, China.While working with China, you are facing unlimited possibilities, meanwhile the risk can be high too. How to efficient relocate your resources (time, money, HR, energy, etc) on different China projects is the key factor to success.


We therefore create this model, dividing your China activities into three categories:

S: activities takes 1-2 weeks to prepare and implement, often in terms of Delegation Visit

M: activites takes 1-2 months, often in terms of Event

L: activites takes 1-2 years, often in terms of Project

(Bigger projects can and should be devided into several project L).


Expo2014 is a unique platform for you to start, indeep and develop your China relationship. During six months, you have the opportunities to develop in all forms, Small Delegation Visit, Medium Event or Large Projects. Feel free to contact us to discuss the best way for you to participate.

To know more about the S-M-L model, contact Aros Kinakonsult for more information, training and consultancy for future discussion.