Regional Development

Your city, your region will be the Swedish City and Region in front of millions of Chinese visitors. Participating in an international event like Expo 2014 will bring the right attention focusing your area in the world map.

During six months, different exhibitions, events, activities and match-making can be arranged. As politician, you are able to present your vision to a wide public. Presenting the uniqueness of your city, future development plan, possibilities to collaborate with new and important market like China. The Swedish way of city planning, welfare system, innovation incubator, elderly care are unique and inspiring for many Chinese cities. What is ordinary can be very exotic in an other side of the world.

Use the Swedish Garden as your platform for 2014 to attract new investment to your city. Local companies can be presented in a group for the Chinese market, it is efficient and result-orientated. Participating as a whole region, you also lower the risk. Together, you region will get the maximal exposer, and more partner can benefit from it.

Now it’s time to generate business in China!

There are many Chinese companies participate in Qingdao Expo 2014 in various industry. The sponsors for Qingdao Expo 2014 are companies with strength and will to promote their business. As participating in Sweden Garden, you will get marvelous chances to communicate and know these companies. There might be exactly the one you are looking for a long time!


It is also convenient to know other companies in Shandong since the province of Shandong has strong competence in machine industry, iron industry, energy industry, transportation etc. On the platform of Sweden Garden, we can arrange all kinds of business meeting and public relation activities for you.

Attract investment from China

On the platform of Sweden Garden, your company is regarded trustable, valuable, and attractive. For Chinese capital which intends to invest abroad, it is a great opportunity to show yourself. As a sponsor of partner of Sweden Garden, you get amount of attention from prospective investors. For this level of exposition, it is even precious and appreciated that foreign companies would participate. When the Chinese are all heading for Sweden Garden, it is time to show your competence and fetch the chance!

Match-making with local companies and academy world

We can arrange different match-making meeting with local companies and academic institutions. There is plenty of resource if you expect local supplier to reduce cost; trained employees, research center, academic communication and so forth.



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