Exterior design

The Swedish pavilion contains one floor underground and two floors above the ground. The roof of the building is a nice terrace area.

The two-floor pavilion is designed from the Chinese character “典” (pronounced as DIAN), which means “example” and is the second and last part of Chinese word for Sweden.

Together with the Garden which means "harmony", Sweden in Chinese means Harmonic Example. This is the first time in history which a nation’s name has been turned into landscape and architecture in real world.

The exterior walls of Swedish pavilion creatively reflect the development of modern Swedish community.

1. Red wood-house wall shows the agricultural Sweden from 200 years ago.
2. Brick wall represents the industrialized Sweden from 100 years ago.
3. Steel and glass wall reflects the innovative Sweden in modern age.
4. Future apartment and houses with Hi-tech features foretells the sustainable development Sweden in the future.

The look of the pavilion shows not only the development of Sweden, but also the secret behind the Swedish success!

The four different walls together symbolize "the Swedish model", which means co-operation among government, business, academy and culture sectors.

Sweden, a nation of less than 10 milions of inhabbitants, leading innovation and environmental thinking for the whole world. More exchange between Sweden and China brings a more sustainable world.




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