From the Earth

While entering the Swedish pavilion, visitors will first see a big book. One page is a Swedish map and the other page is the welcome text shows the highlight o the story.

The story starts from the viking time, visitors can touch a typical wooden Swedish house, and see the famous ships in Swedish history. The war ship WASA and the commerce ship Gothernburg. Exploring the world with big ships and return Sweden with different discovers.

One of the discovers are foreign flowers and plants, different persons give various names on the same flower and it has been very caotic until the famous botanist Carl von Linnaeus solved this problem. Linnaeus laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature.

Before entering Linnaeus' "workshop", visitors can see a digital counter. From the opening till end of June, there are already over 300,000 visits who have been to this exhibition. Learning Linnaeus achievement, seeing how science has changed our life and how the sociaty has been developed.

The exhibition shows on one side a vivid development, from wood to pieces, from component to products. On the other sides, antic wooden products from Sweden shows the real Swedish culture. Visitors can touch and flip a 300-year old Swedish book, touch that part of the history, and follow the development of the society.

Moderlization and industrilization bring various problems for our society. Waste, water prolution, air polution have a serious impact of our daily life. This part of the exhibition is very interactive, while visitors throwing their rabbish in a waste corner, their kids will go through a dark tunel. We want them to realize: if we don't do something for the earth now, next generation will have to search their future in darkness!

So far, we are telling the fist part of the story: "From the Earth".


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