For the Earth

Entering the earth, fully covered by rabbish, visitors arrive a room which looks like a controll room inside a spaceship. Questions are raised:

- Do we need pollution or do we want ecological living?

- How will our future look like?

Facing these questions, most visitors do not have an answer. Someone though this is already the end of the exhibition, there is no way out, they return to the argricultual sociaty. Some kids get afraid, maybe their screeming will make their parents find a solution? Instead of take more and more advantage from the earth, maybe we will find the solution in the faraway Scandinavia?

Walking through icetunel and space under northern light, in Sweden, we will find the solution of these environmental problems. In Sweden, only 1% of the waste can not be recylced. This is world-leading and this is life quality.

300 years ago, Carl von Linnaeus founded the structure of the modern ecology. 300 year later, Sweden made the classfication system for waste management and turn waste into energy. The Swedish standard shows the direction of our way of living and our life quality.

In the corner with IKEA modern funiture, visitors can push a book shelf. This book schelf is a secret door, like a time machine, visitors suddenly come back to the viking time. There are a few secret doors like that, they are both informative and functional. Innovation is everywhere in the Swedish pavilion.

At the end of the exhinition, there is a bid glass wall. It's both part of the glass facade of the pavilion and it's also a mirror. On the wall beside, it shows organizor and sponsors logo. But there is also a text: “Here are the ones who will create a better world”. And this text is pointing into the mirror, yes, this is the end of the story. We hope visitors can bring the Swedish way of living with them, for our earth, for a better future, for a more sustainable world!

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