Emblem and Mascot

Swedish Garden of EXPO 2014 is going to hold in Qingdao, China. The full name of this EXPO is 2014 Qingdao International Horticulture Exhibiton.

The Emblem

Many elements of specific meanings are used in the emblem. The core graphic symbol is the oracle-bone inscription of Chinese character “艺”, which echoes the theme “From the earth, for the Earth”, and showcases the quintessence, profoundness and long history of the Chinese culture. The use of green color in the core graphic is intended to highlight the prominence given to ecology, the full use of green energy and environment-friendliness.

The Mascot

The mascot is named “Qingqing” which may indicate the city of Qingdao and the old Chinese saying that blue-green (qing) comes from but also excels blue. The design is a combination of natural landscape and ideals, inspired by such images as rolling waves, drifting clouds, lofty peaks and wavering tree crowns. Qingqing raises her hand to extend her sincere invitation and warm welcome to friends from the five continents and show Qingdao’s positive and aspiring mentality as well as its confidence and resolution to deliver an international horticultural feast. The image of rolling waves indicates the driving force behind the city’s development towards harmony and advanced civilization. The image of auspicious clouds echoes those in the Baiguo Mountain and indicates the continuity of the Olympics and the expectation for Expo 2014. The image of lofty peaks echoes Mount Laoshan and indicates the long-standing role of Qingdao as an outstanding tourist city in China. The image of wavering trees indicates the theme of Expo 2014 “From the earth, for the Earth” and the idea of ecology and environment friendliness.


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