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Why should Your Company be Present with Sweden Pavilion?

Qingdao Expo 2014 takes place from April to October 2014 and will involve over 12 million physical visitors, 0.5 billion virtual visitors and hundreds of exhibitions and events ranging from policy strategy meeting and business conference to events celebrating the traditions and culture.

Being a partner with Sweden Pavilion with the theme of “Co-operation and Sustainable Development” means actively participating in a:

  • Unique Event on the challenges of communication, economic development, environmental protection and sustainable development in a 6 month celebration
  • Outstanding Event offering remarkable networking opportunities and possibilities of showcasing best practices and cutting edge innovations in the theme of communication and sustainability

Sweden Pavilion aims also to be an educational, scientific, and cultural event of excellence through the creation of a unique exposition design: Sweden Garden & Underground World that brings together best practices, innovative, sustainable solutions, and new ways of working together in future cities.

To achieve those objectives, the Sweden Pavilion organizer intends to work in close collaboration with leading companies from all over the Sweden who are able to propose inspired and revolutionary ideas for the future of our life.

How will Your Company Benefit from Qingdao Expo 2014?

The benefits reserved for the Official Partners have been grouped into five main categories and their composition depends on the level of involvement:

Rights to showcase on Qingdao Expo 2014 Sweden Pavilion: Companies will be given an enormous visibility by being part of Qingdao Expo 2014 Sweden Pavilion and associating their name with the event. They will be able to contribute solutions and Corporate thought leadership to the development of Sweden Pavilion by participating in Advisory Boards. Moreover, Partners will have rights to organize conferences and events related to the Qingdao Expo 2014 Theme and their specific projects for Expo, both before the event, as well as during Qingdao Expo 2014 on the Exposition site of Sweden Pavilion.

Rights to use Sweden Pavilion logo/brand: Partners will have a right to develop corporate advertising and PR campaigns associating them to Qingdao Expo 2014 Sweden Pavilion (with its brand, logo and mascot) and use the logo/brand of Sweden Pavilion to develop special products/services.

Presence in Sweden Pavilion marketing & communication: Official Sweden Pavilion Partners will have a possibility to be present in selected initiatives of the Marketing & Communication Program of Expo, including advertising campaigns in various media, worldwide events, Qingdao Expo 2014 Institutional Events etc.

On site presence (physical and virtual) and facilities: Logo of Partners will be exposed in various places within the Exhibition site of Sweden Pavilion, depending on the level of involvement. Partners advertising will be present on digital signage on site. Moreover, Partners will have access to Sweden Pavilion Exposition site facilities to support corporate branding and business development activities.

Business development and hospitality: Official Partners will be included in Sweden Pavilion Preferred Partners Catalogue to facilitate business development activities with Participating Exhibitors and will benefit from networking opportunities through Qingdao Expo 2014 Participants – Partners Engagement Plans. Depending on the level of involvement, Partners will gain complimentary tickets for Qingdao Expo 2014 event and merchandising items for guests/ employees and special discounts to purchase additional quantity

Sweden Pavilion also intends to develop a model of collaboration to promote innovation through active collaboration among Partners. This model will allow partner companies to take leadership roles in their respective sectors and to create strategic alliances, identifying business opportunities in related or strategic sectors.

Qingdao Expo 2014 is not a 6-month event, but a multi-year platform that will promote initiatives that bridge international borders and involve the international community in the years before Expo and after Expo. The partner companies will thus have the possibility to align their growth strategies and development objectives with the multi-year Expo program, maximizing their return on investment.

To better understand the Qingdao Expo 2014 Sweden Pavilion vision and the “Corporate Partnership Program”, you may check more information in this site.


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