Introduction of International Expositions


Swedish Garden of Expo 2014 is going to hold in Qingdao, China. Here are introductions. International Exposition is a type of expositions recognized by Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the organization who oversees world class exhibitions. The role is to ensure the just application of the Convention and of other BIE regulations as well as to arbitrate any dispute that may arise between countries competing to host an exhibition or between participants and organizers of an exhibition.


Today, BIE categorizes expo into two main types:

1.International Registered Exposition(World Expo)

One of the world’s oldest and largest international events – takes place every five years and lasts for six months. The size of the site is unlimited and participants may build their own pavilions. A World Expo is further characterized by the broad scope of the chosen theme, which must be of universal concern to all of humanity.

2.International Recognized Exhibition

The International Expo is smaller in scope and investments and generally shorter in duration; between three weeks and three months. It is held between two World Expos. The size of the site is limited to 25 hectares and the Expo organizers provide the pavilions, which are then customized by the participants. The theme of the International Expo must represent, as with the World Expo, a global concern but it must be more specialized in its scope. Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is in this category.

The two types of Expos differ principally in the size of the Expo site, the duration of the event, and the scope of the theme (see chart below).

      3. International Horticulture Exposition

An International Horticultural Exhibition recognized by the BIE must have a minimum               duration of three months a maximum duration of six months. An interval of at least two years between two International Horticultural Exhibitions in different countries is required, while an interval of at least ten years is required if they are held in the same country. An International Horticultural Exhibition must also be held between two World Expos registered by the BIE.


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