Letter of Intent

November 16, 2013 Västmanland confirmed the participation of Expo2014. The Swedish participation will be called "Swedish Garden" on the 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition.

Mr. Ingemar Skogö, Governor of Västmanland, Sweden, and Mr. Wang Jianxiang, Vice Mayor of Qingdao and Executive Director of the Executive Committee of Expo 2014, signed the Letter of Intent of the Swedish participation. Representative Västmanland side: Västerås City, Company clusters and local companies. Representative from Shandong side: Shandong provincial foreign affairs office, Qingdao foreign affairs office, Sino-German Eco Park.

Västmanland, a county in central Sweden, is the “Cradle of Industry” of the country, and boasts a time-honored industrial tradition. With manufacturing as the dominant industry, the province mainly produces electrical equipment, metal and metal products. The capital city of the province, Västerås, is where ABB, a Fortune 500 company, was born and headquartered and home to the world-famous fashion brand H&M. Västmanland and Shandong established a friendly provincial relationship in 1995.

Västmanland’s participation in Expo 2014 will be implemented by Sweden-based YES International Group AB which has rich experience in participating in exhibitions on behalf of Sweden including Expo 2010 Shanghai China and the 4th Shandong Cultural & Creative Industries Fair.

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Resource: http://www.qingdaoexpo2014.org/content/2012-12/04/content_9582472.htm


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